Sale and Leaseback

What is Sale and Leaseback?

Sale and Leaseback works by Kier Living selling a development Showhome property to a customer, the customer then rents the property back to Kier Living who continue using it as the development showhome for an agreed period.

Once the development is fully built and all plots are sold the house is returned back to the investor who can either rent out as a standard Buy To Let or move in themselves.

Why should I invest?

The Sale and Leaseback opportunity benefits both parties as Kier Living immediately get funds from the showhome sale to pump back into the development and the buyer gets the security that Kier Living will be renting the property back for a guaranteed sum. The benefits to Sale and Leaseback Include;

  • No council tax to pay
  • No insurance to pay
  • No rental income voids
  • No maintenance costs to pay for a minimum of 2 years
  • Property will be used as a show home and therefore kept in excellent condition
  • Low risk as Kier Living will be looking after the property and paying the rent each month
  • Guaranteed rental income